The Harvard Catalyst Clinical Research Center at MIT

Welcome to the HCCRC@MIT!

The Harvard Catalyst Clinical Research Center at MIT (HCCRC@MIT), a member of the Harvard Catalyst Clinical and Translational Science Center, is an interdisciplinary clinical center that serves MIT scientists and engineers involved in clinical research. We promote and support the translation of progress in basic science into advances in patient-oriented clinical research. The Center has two main branches: the Biomedical and Behavioral units.

The Biomedical Unit serves the MIT community by providing medical services to researchers in an outpatient hospital setting. Our nursing staff can perform a variety of essential medical procedures, including providing assistance with insulin clamp studies, continuous glucose monitoring, blood sampling for genetic studies, and taking vital signs during or after pilot testing for new medical devices. There are two outpatient beds and the equipment necessary for taking basic medical measurements.

The Behavioral Unit offers behavioral testing and diagnostic services for all members of the MIT research community. Our behavioral staff is highly trained in a wide variety of neuropsychological and language testing and can assess whether participants meet criteria for developmental (e.g. autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, dyslexialanguage-based learning disorders, mood or other cognitive disorders) or acquired diagnoses (e.g., cognitive and memory impairments). Our facility has two testing rooms equipped with cameras, allowing for observation by parents or researchers interested in viewing a testing or diagnostic session. The resulting videos are also suitable for second scoring of an assessment or general review of a session.


The HCCRC@MIT is supported by the National Institutes for Health (NIH). HCCRC@MIT oversight is jointly provided by the MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and by MIT Medical.